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Lazy Designers' Apricot + JTK Night Sakura

This is a keyboard im planning on getting, the group buy for round 2 has not started yet so im waiting on it still. It is planned to run at the end of February 2023. I do have the keycaps ready in a bag waiting to be mounted, im thinking of combining these with some Gazzew Bobagums. Still need to get some lube for the stabilizers and actually get some cool stabilizers.

I'll update this post later once i've finally received the keyboard which will be around March i believe.

Small update 20-02-2023

The groupbuy for the keyboard ended and the keyboard has been paid for. Im really excited for it to arrive and im pretty sure im going to love it. I still have to get a keymap ready but i need to see what my preferences are first for QAZ keyboards.

Update 25-07-2023

I received the keyboard a couple of weeks ago, im absolutely in love with it. Though i have changed the specs a little bit, instead of using bobagum switches and SA Bliss, i've decided to go with Owlabs Neon switches and JTK Night Sakura. In my opinion this makes a much better match and the neon switches give a very low, very satisfying thocky sound. picture of the apricot keyboard with jtk night sakura

In total, this keyboard is comprised of the following components: