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CFTKB Discipline + GMK Botanical 2

This Discipline is the second mechanical keyboard i got, my first one was kinda awful, it kept disconnecting from the computer and it was just a mess. It didn't use QMK, instead some weird software that was just awful to use. Getting this keyboard was honestly a blessing. It's a 65% keyboard with a cool acrylic top to view all the components it uses. It uses an ATMega32a microcontroller, which is a pretty cool chip. It makes you feel like a retro computer user. And best part of it, its all open source!

I initially got the CFTKB Mysterium but i am god awful at soldering so i completely ruined the keyboard. Eventually my brother taught me that i can just order the PCB online from other sites and produce it myself. (This is allowed according to the github repository, just not for commercial use!) So instead of going for another Mysterium, i went for a Discipline since thats the keyboard i initially wanted but it wasnt in stock.

The first keycaps i used were the GMK Bentō's because i was honestly inspired from a picture i saw ages ago. This one: a drawing of a person holding a discipline keyboard with gmk bentō keycaps

Eventually i got my current driver, the olkb planck. After this, the discipline got on hold for a while, a couple of months naked and afraid without any keycaps. I eventually got some keycaps to try out but didn't really like them, but sure, its something to keep ol disci warm.

Right now the keyboard is using some JTK Night Sakura keycaps that i got from a second hand website. Though i want to eventually put some GMK Botanical 2 keycaps on it. I also had my brother design a custom case for it which is being in production right now. a schematic view of a simple case that should fit the discipline keyboard

For now i just need to wait until i receive every part and then enjoy the discipline again. :)

a picture of the cftkb discipline and gmk bento keycaps

Update 20-02-2023

I recently received the keyboard case and it looks amazing! I still have to wait for the keycap set so ive been using the keyboard with the SA Bliss keycaps. The botanical keycaps are set at the time for around April to arrive so thats still a long way away.

a picture of the cftkb discipline with sa bliss and the green anodized case a picture of the cftkb discipline with sa bliss and the green anodized case

In total, this keyboard is comprised of the following components: