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Rhymestone + GMK Gateway

This is a new keyboard i wanna make. My biggest motivation for this is because i want an even smaller keyboard than the planck, just to try out. I also want to make a keyboard that is more compact, thats why its good that its a split. Mostly because i got a spare storage thingie that my cable came in and i wanna use that to store the keyboard so i can take it to work.

One priority of the keyboard is that i want to make it as silent as i can, because i want to be able to use this at work without complaint. This is why im probably gonna invest in a lot of foam.

For now i just need to wait until both the keycaps and the keyboard arrive.

I already have the switches ready, for this keyboard i chose to go with Gazzew Bobagums. This is the first keyboard thats gonna use them. I mostly chose them since i absolutely love the Gazze Boba switches and i wanted to try out the silent version. So far i've noticed even with them being the silent version, i probably need to get some foam to make them even more silent.

The choice for the keycaps is because i dont want to use anything weird or confusing for at work. People are gonna see this so if i make it too cute, people are gonna suspect things 👀. I also wanted to use this set since im a big fan of portal and i feel like it fits this keyboard a lot since its a split keyboard. and like... thats the entire deal of portal, 2 seperate halves. Aswell as that this is gonna be the first time for me having Salvun keycaps, so im excited to see what they're like.


I've received the keycaps, theyre honestly too expensive for what its worth. The artisan keys are beautiful, no complaints on those, but the actual keycap set is missing some keys in my honest opinion. My biggest complaint on this is that the arrow keys only come in orange while i'd rather have them in blue so that everything on the blue side is actually blue. But i suppose i'll just use some other keycaps for it. Either way, enjoy this picture :) The gmk gateway keycap set with the two salvun artisans shows above and the deskmat behind

Update 2

Final update, i finally received the keyboard, there were some troubles with soldering it and getting the display to work but im proud to say that it finally works! Here is the final product: The final product of the rhymestone gateway keyboard The final product of the rhymestone gateway keyboard The final product of the rhymestone gateway keyboard

In total, this keyboard is comprised of the following components: