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image of the sweelinck app

Sweelinck is a small webapp i created in order to learn musical notes easier. This is accomplished by recording your microphone and detecting the notes you play. The app then displays the note youre playing aswell as some additional data such as the frequency, the octave, note name and the note detune.

Im still not done with the app since the feature i want to add is the ability for it to be more of a teaching game than a detection tool. I want to add a feature where you can start the game, it will select a random note you need to play and you will have a limited amount of time to play it. Or you have unlimited time to play it but you get a score based on how close you are to the note. But i to add this still since i lost a bit of motivation in learning the violin and i want to get back into it.

You can find the app on