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I'm working on a small discord bot. It's a fun little project i made to learn a little bit about the new discord api aswell as Machine Learning. The bot i'm working on has a text classifier that will try and guess if your message is a bit sour. The reason i'm making this is so that it can detect when somebody is talking about suicide or depressive topics for example. If it detects this, it will send some self help links and resources such as a suicide prevention hotline or other stuff. One thing i want to add aswell is server rules, so for example if a server owner wants to ban toxic behaviour or threats, the bot can detect that and remove those certain messages. Only thing im slightly stuck on is adding enough data to teach the bot well enough.


The technologies ive chosen to use for this bot is MongoDB and Golang. I absolutely love this combination since Golang is still a typed language, so your database structure is in the code instead of the database. And the thing i love the most about MongoDB is that i dont need to have a volume or a bucket to save the model data in. MongoDB has a feature called GridFS. this splits a file into blocks of a certain size and saves files in that format. Its easy to save and retreat files this way and its less expensive than having an additional storage solution next to it.

Adding the bot

At the moment the bot is still in development, i want to clean the bot a little up, make the commands a bit easier to use and add a bit more data to the bot to learn off. I'll update this page later when the bot is ready to be added to your server.